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As part of our aim to promote and inspire new writers, and to bring their work up to publication standard, Fish Publishing offers a high quality Critique Service. Our editorial staff takes great care to ensure that reviews are fair, accurate and constructive. A valuable service, confirmed by feedback we have received.

Critique Service is for:

Short Stories (max 5,000 words)

Short Memoir (max 4,000 words)

Flash Fiction (max 300 words)

Poetry (max 200 words)

For longer work, collections, see Editorial Consultancy

For screenwriting see Screenwriting Editorial Consultancy

You can avail of the Critique Service at any time without entering a competition, before entering a competition, or at the same time as you enter, either by post or online. The online option is the slightly cheaper one.

To request a critique online, log in here and then select the appropriate options.

If you wish to make a postal request for a critique you can do so by sending your story, plus s.a.e. (or International Reply Coupon if writing from any country other than Ireland), plus the appropriate fee to: Fish Publishing, Durrus, Bantry, Co Cork, Ireland. Cheques should be made payable to Fish Publishing and be in your own currency.

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Critique Fees:

Short Story (up to 5,000 words)

Online: €45 (about £38, US$60)

Post: €47

Short Memoir (max 4,000 words)

Online: €40 (about £34, US$55)

Post: €42

Flash Fiction Story (up to 300 words)

Online: €30 (about £25, US$40)

Post: €32

Poem (up to 200 words)

Online: €30 (about £25, US$40)

Post: €32

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The comments with regard to my work has been as valuable as gold


just want to let you know how much I appreciate the feedback on both my pieces.
This feedback has highlighted the exact elements I have had some difficulty with myself and given me re-assuring comments. I am deeply grateful and will approach you again for feedback. But now, I’m off to develop my reflective voice…


Thanks for another excellent job.


Many thanks for your Edit of the above and I've taken your excellent advice, thoughts, and suggestions on board. Much re-writing required methinks, and am already reworking the stories.


Thank you so much Clem, it is indeed very helpful. Just the description of it as a "descent into hell" has cleared up my thinking and I feel re-inspired, and there's lots more to absorb as well.


Thank you so much for the critique. I consider it extremely valuable feedback.


I have found your comments very helpful indeed on the flash fiction course and was wondering whether you offered critiques on stories of other lengths. I have used the Fish critique service before which is of course very professional. However I think there is an art to getting the message across and I like your approach. Your introductory remarks are helpful and your zooming in and adding comments on the text is great. These are comments that I take on board not only for that story but for my creative writing as a whole.
So many thanks to you for your courtesy and kindness, and many thanks to your editor for the insightful, diplomatically worded, and helpful comments. I can imagine how challenging it must be to provide truthful, diplomatic, and if possible also encouraging comments to unpublished writers. I truly appreciate his or her time and effort.


I just wanted to thank you for the critique. I found it very helpful actually. So, much appreciated.


I am not sure who provided this feedback by I am very grateful for the insight provided. It is a rare treat to have someone read one's work so closely.