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Rory Kilalea - screenwriting editorial consultantImprove your script, learn, enjoy writing.

Editor: Rory Kilalea.  

RORY has worked in many parts of the world in education, radio, feature film, theatre, and television since 1970.
He has taught television and film internationally, including at – Goldsmith Hall, London; University of San Francisco; Johannesburg; Dubai; Bahrain; Ireland and in Harare where he taught film as a course at the University of Zimbabwe to Honours level.
He has taught at the University of Zimbabwe as lecturer in theatre skills.

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Rory will draw attention to the 'beats', 'bumps' and structure of the script.
He will advise on possible ways that the script could develop into a story for film, and help finesse the character development.
A writer will benefit from an experienced overview of the script  including -
1 From a visual narrative
2. From a story point of view.
3. Character development.
4. Whose story is it?
Rory will not rewrite the script, but his honest, positive and experienced analysis will be valuable, and enable you to develop your story.


SUBMIT your script by email to info@fishpublishing.com


1. A short summary of your script.

2. The genre.

3. Say what you are trying to acheive.

4. Mention any aspect of your script that you would like Rory to pay particular attention to.


  1. Up to 10,000 words + synopsis - €125

  2. Up to 25,000 words + synopsis - €195

  3. Over 26,000 words. + synopsis - €195 + €25 per additional 5,000 words

  4. Over 100,000 words + synopsis - From €495*


For scripts of up to 25,000 words allow one week for feedback, up to 50,000 words three weeks, thereafter one month.

After you receive feedback, you can communicate with Rory by email for queries and clarifications.

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