LONGLIST Fish Short Story Prize 2014/15

356 stories longlisted
(1,575 stories submitted in total)

Story Title


Miller Aidan OKeeffe
I Want You Aisling Campbell
The Overman Alan Timmons
Falling Up Alice Jolly
The Faithful Alice Jolly
July for the Canada Geese Alison Earls
Creels Alison Lock
(Un)familiar Allie Rogers
Somebody Else’s Child Amy Jomantas
Collection Day Andrew Fox
69 Andrew Judd
Starlight Andrew Judd
Our Eliza Andrew Murphy
And Then We Ran Andy Wilson
Book, kitchen, shelf Angelita Bradney
She Angelita Bradney
Tom Ann Butler Rowlands
The Grave Digger Ann Cahill
Ill Omen in Kabylia Ann Dufaux
The Gift Ann Mooney
Reconstruction Anna Freyberg
Through a Cracked Lens Annabel Abbs
The man with no hands Anne Aylor
Misunderstanding Anne Cleasby
Love and Living Dangerously Anne Cleasby
These Silver Fish Anne O’Brien
Fragile Annette Dunne
The Note Ariel Gil
Hatch 9 New Applicants and enquiries audrey corr
A Betting Man Barbara Fried
Burial Barbara Tarrant
Shelley’s Boys Benjamin DaSilva
Small Stones Beth Cardier
Twenty Pence Beth Tyrrell
A Voice Bill Davis
Pyramid Bill Davis
Blind White Worm Bill Davis
The Irish Twins Bonnie McCune
Love in an Abattoir Brendan Gill
This Is Not Me Bridgett Kendall
Heliophobia Carol Farrelly
Rainbow’s End Carol Jones
The Inner Exiles Caroline Lea
Penguin Carolyn Power
Tribe Caron Tate
She Says Yes Carrie Alexander
Everything is Lighter Catherine Bateson
Strange Currents Catherine Donnelly
Sheep Catherine Kirwan
The Book of Bruises Catherine McNamara
Shrinking From Life catherine talbot
Poor Carol and Other Amusing Stories Cathy Layne
Snowstorm Catrin Kean
Ice Man Charles Evans
Love in the Time of Electronics Charlie Neuner
Of Small Consequence Charlotte Seden
Break Character Chloe Wilson
Bookworm Chris Dooley
The Pace of Change Chris Weldon
The Poor Dead Christina Dowling
Bubbles Claire Constant
Heatwave Claire Hennessy
I NEVER TOLD Claire McNamara
The Shawl clare jarrett
Castaway Clare Le May
Song for Solomon Clare O’Dea
Hey Presto clare O’reilly
Kicking the Habit clare O’reilly
Secrets Clarrie Pringle
The Pictures Connie Gaind
Rogey Daniel Murphy
The Small Print Daniel Schweimler
Alone Darren Ryding
Here there are no stars David Bausor
The Free Brontosaurus David Berkeley
Where the pine trees fall David Higgins
The Walker David Martin
Dorothy David Mathews
Kodak Memories David ODwyer
10,000 Miles from Home David Slater
Laying my Ghosts David Slater
A Little Trouble with the Spirits Deborah Cameron
Somebody’s Girl Debra Curtis
Over-the-Rhine Dedria Barker
Goblin Market Donna Triggs
Collect Your Cards Eamon Murphy
Under the Tree Eileen Herbert-Goodall
Under the Tree Eileen Herbert-Goodall
Gateway to the Starry Sky Eleanor O’Reilly
His Own Man Elizabeth Jane Corbett
The Lost and Found Emma Balmforth
Frozen Tears emma purcell
Eleanor Eva Lomski
Jonnie Through the Glass Faith Mimnall
Roundabout Federica Lugaresi
In My Shoes Fiona Drury
The Seaview Fiona Skepper
Postcards From Berlin Fiona Whyte
Her Own Kind Fiona Whyte
Emma Franco Alonso
after all . . . Frank Cossa
Chronicle of a Death Forestalled Frank Rizzuto
Jerry Franny French
Mixed Reviews Fuchsia Fishbourne
In the Land of the Dinosaur Garret Dwyer-Joyce
Sin Georgina Eddison
Yana Georgina Eddison
Some Days Even the Goldfish . . . Georgina Eddison
Quite Georgina Eddison
Siren Georgina Eddison
A DEAD LIKENESS Gerald Benedict
Jaundice gerard galvin
Down to the black Sullán gerard galvin
Ducks and Geese Gerry Dorrian
Tigers Gerry McCullough
The Developing World Gerry McKeague
Crossing The Line Gillian Holland
Grand Finale Glynis Gertsch
The Anniversary gordon parker
American Holiday grace french
Marching Season Grahame Williams
Lowmans Road Gráinne O Toole
Into the Light Gregory Hanafin
Wrung Hannah-Fleur Fitz-Gibbon
All the rules we could ask for Heather Richardson
Pennyboy Heather Richardson
A Slut and a Liar Helen Dann
The Treat Helen Hogan
I Had a Little Nut Tree Helen Hogan
The Last Fix Helen McGoldrick
Telling the Bess Helen Morris
Not LIke Us Hilary Fennell
Hereafter Hilary Fennell
Red Kites Over The M40 Hilary O’Sullivan
The Materialist Horatio Potter
The Spirits of Whiskey Row howard russell
Revenge howard russell
To Spain And Back Iona Coulter
Dig deep, and throw well back J Mulligan
After The Angelus Jack McAuliffe
Thieving in a Minor Key Jacob Appel
Washing with the May Dew Jacqueline Nolan
The Irresistible Decline of hope in the Kingdom of Shadows James Gargan
Dust & Bones James O’Sullivan
Mr and Mrs Clark and Blanche james woolf
R v Sieger – additional documents disclosed by the Crown Prosecution Service james woolf
M’boosa and the Spirit of Fire James Yeo
The Gower Explorer Jane Fraser
Breathless Jane Roberts
The Look Out Janet Swinney
The Queen of Campbeltown Janet Swinney
The Menace at the Gate Janet Swinney
HOME Jean Rogers
Way station Jennifer Salkin
The Well at the End of the World Jill Gientzotis
Buttons Jo Barril
Rehearsal Joan Christie
The Visit. Joan Morrissey
Smoothin’ Joanna Campbell
Enzo Ponza joanna walsh
Judo For Jesus Joe Golombek, Jr.
9678 Joe Golombek, Jr.
The Crossing John Inglis
Bury My Heart John McHugh
The Left Side John O’Donnell
Financial Engineering or Whatever Shall We Do With Grandma? Jonathan Pinnock
Pumpkin Head Joshua Sabatini
The Artists Josie Turner
White Cube Joy Manne
Death of a Stoveman Judith Brown
Reader I Married Him Julie Kearney
Dangerous Beauty Julie Kearney
The Kid Julie Kearney
Louise and Louisa k Lockwood Jefford
Two Funerals Kara Moskowitz
Unravelling Karen Hollands
Hidden Depths Karen Laffan
The Invisible Woman Karen Woods
PLATEAU Katayoun Medhat
The Journey Kate Mahony
Combat Katherine West
The Man in the Suitcase Kathleen Hansen
Stone Sett Kathryn Burke
Residue Kathryn Burke
Hourglass Kathryn Phelan
Alma Kathy D’Arcy
Healing Waters Keeley Mansfield
Tomorrow keren heenan
Pigeon Blood Kerry Barner
Water Music Kim Murdock
SG642975 Kirsten Pell
Aurora Lela Tredwell
Lessons in a foreign language Lezanne Clannachan
Clean Lisa Harding
The Red and the Dark Lorna Cooper
Skeleton Leaf Louisa Lester
November Dead List Louise Kennedy
The Crossing Louise King
The Orange Step Louise Swingler
Hell Is Other Gods Lucie-Gabrielle Jolicoeur
The Light in the Attic Luke Temple
Other Side of the River Lyn Broadhurst
Alien Big Cats M J Jackson
Abel’s Mountain Madeline Moran
Six Cans Maggie Hill
Don’t Bury Me In Doonaree Maggie Murphy
The Thaw Maire Mulhern
High Noon Malachi O’Doherty
Mr. & Mrs. Mort Manus Boyle Tobin
Blossom Manus Boyle Tobin
The Long Room Manus Boyle Tobin
Lucky Strike Margaret Ries
As Simple As That Mariam Haji
Two Sheets to the Wind marie kennedy
The Firemen Marina Marinopoulos
Merry Christmas, Charlie Marion Loughe
The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog Marius O’Shea
Things Fall Apart Mark Arnold
The Caretaker Mark Klassen
Universe, Sea Mark Liddington
White Wings Mark Patton
The Accumulation Of Small Wounds Mark Smith
Steps Martin Hulton
Something Beginning Martin Hulton
Full Tilt Martin Keating
Blackie Martin Keating
Campaign for Light Mary Bilan
The Herbalist of Baghdad Mary Fox
Going Home Mary McKeone
Twice Singular Mary Moorkens
Norah Mary Moylan
An Exam for Mister Mortenson Mary Winsor
At the Edges Maureen Connolly
Grift Bred in the Bone Maureen Millea Smith
Neuroplasticity Melanie Cheng
Silent as Storks melanie whipman
Portrait Show Michael Barrett
An audience of cranes Michael Bird
The Warlord of Aisle Nine Michael Logan
Dover, Japan Michael Milton
Polack is Warming Now Michael Morrissey
Weights Michelle Scorziello
The Widening Gyre Miranda Bowen
Life Happens! Muraledharan Pillai
Bench Nawapak Lerthirunvibul
Flame Niamh MacCabe
A Jog Niamh MacCabe
Memory Foam Niamh MacCabe
Polyxena and Achilles Nicholas Angel
Dear Mumsey nick wright
Marks Nicolas Bellorini
Peephole Oana Aristide
Criminal Ofir Oz
Watermelon Omar Al-Khayatt
The Downfall of Keith Alpen Omar Al-Khayatt
Knuckleheads Pamela O’Brien
The Barn Pat boran
Battery Hens Pat Davis
Baxter patria hatami
Blind Encounter Patrick Courtney
The Sinking Patrick Dixon
Murmurations Paul McMichael
Big Night Paul Michel
The Piebald Buck Paul Michel
Eureka Paul Michel
Rajasthan Paul Saville
Unfinished Business Pauline Brown
Shh pauline clooney
Nothing to Tell pauline rooney
Tablecloth Pauline ryan
Now… Peter Jones
Deliverance Petra McNulty
Traitor Philip O Neill
Desray Pippa Gough
Dog Pippa Gough
Little Bears Ray Prowse
The Duel Carraigeway Raymie Watson
The Engagement – Belfast 1975 Raymond Watson
Between My Ribs Riba Taylor
When I Was a Dog Riba Taylor
Ma’s Pavotitti Richard Lysaght
Stafford Street Riona Judge McCormack
Some Strange Moon Riona Judge McCormack
The Gift Robert Lumsden
Santa Claus Robert Mundy
The Mute Roisin Donovan
Wicklow Cowboy Rory McArdle
Mrs Frank and the Red Chair rosemary gerring
Girlfriend Rosemary Jones
Looking Back Rosie Dastgir
Live Meat and Freedom Rowena Macdonald
The Griffin Ruby Soames
Glossolalia Ruth Frendo
And Each One of Her Bones Shall be Broken ruth gilligan
King Mikey Ruth Thorlby
Oviparous Sam Sudar
Steve Wright in the Afternoon Sandra Ireland
A Thousand Grains of Sand Sarah Hegarty
The Green Gumar Sarah Kilfeather
Driving Lessons Shannon Azzato Stephens
The Pigs and Patrick Simon Broad
The Goldfish and the Button simon poore
Dominoes sinead roarty
things You Discover in the Smallest Room Siobhan Harte
Drift Siobhan Harte
The Descendent of Byron’s Parrot Stephanie Norgate
Partitions Stephanie Scott
Waiting for Gadjo Stéphanie Sébileau
Cathedral Streets Stephen Flanagan
The Two Trials of Aller Steve Wade
Trouble in the Forest Steve Wade
The bus susan lloyd
Dancing With The Mountains Susan Schadler
The Painter’s Child Suzanne Frankham
The Danger Suzy Knights
Ya Mama Taabta Sharran
Sartre’s Lobster Tamara Jones
Sweating Checkov Tanvir Bush
ة (ta marbuta) Tendayi Bloom
A Reunion at The Hotel Meurice Terence Cady
Cold Storage Terence Cady
The Parlour Teresa B. Reilly
Marks On My SKin Teresa OBrien
Compulsion Tessa Robinson
Blood Orange Theodore Johnston
Portrait of an American Girl Thomas Carney
A MAN ABOUT A DOG Thomas Turner
Hokkaido no Yuki Thomas Watson
The Jimmy Walk Tim Booth
My Kentucky Mountain Timm Holt
Absolutely Timothy Moloney
The Party Toby Corballis
The Cost Of Not Living Toby Roebuck
L Is For Laura Tom Billings
Meeting Constance Tom McElligott
What Does the Eagle Think? Tony Lindsell
Twisted Tracy Fells
The Watcher Valerie Ryan
Hunted by Dreamlight Virginia McRae
Mrs Hennie Vervoerd Wendy Archer
Little White Lie Winifred Scheffler
No More wolfgang eulitz
Voices From Upstairs wolfgang eulitz

Fish Books

Fish Anthology 2023

Fish Anthology 2023

… a showcase of disquiet, tension, subversion and surprise …
so many skilled pieces … gem-like, compressed and glinting, little worlds in entirety that refracted life and ideas … What a joy!
– Sarah Hall

… memoirs pinpointing precise
feelings of loss and longing and desire.
– Sean Lusk

What a pleasure to watch these poets’ minds at work, guiding us this way and that.
– Billy Collins


Fish Anthology 2022

‘… delightful, lively send-up … A vivid imagination is at play here, and a fine frenzy is the result.’ – Billy Collins
‘… laying frames of scenic detail to compose a lyric collage … enticing … resonates compellingly. … explosive off-screen drama arises through subtly-selected detail. Sharp, clever, economical, tongue-in-cheek.’ – Tracey Slaughter

Fish Anthology 2021

Fish Anthology 2021

Brave stories of danger and heart and sincerity.
Some risk everything outright, some are desperately quiet, but their intensity lies in what is unsaid and off the page.
These are brilliant pieces from bright, new voices.
A thrill to read.
~ Emily Ruskovich

Fish Anthology 2020

Fish Anthology 2020

I could see great stretches of imagination. I saw experimentation. I saw novelty with voice and style. I saw sentences that embraced both meaning and music. ~ Colum McCann


Fish Anthology 2019

These glorious pieces have spun across the globe – pit-stopping in Japan, the Aussie outback, Vancouver, Paris, Amsterdam and our own Hibernian shores – traversing times past, present and imagined future as deftly as they mine the secret tunnels of the human heart. Enjoy the cavalcade. – Mia Gallagher

Fish Anthology 2019

Fish Anthology 2018

The standard is high, in terms of the emotional impact these writers managed to wring from just a few pages. – Billy O’Callaghan

Loop-de-loopy, fizz, and dazzle … unique and compelling—compressed, expansive, and surprising. – Sherrie Flick

Every page oozes with a sense of place and time. – Marti Leimbach

Energetic, dense with detail … engages us in the act of seeing, reminds us that attention is itself a form of praise. – Ellen Bass

Fish Anthology 2017

Fish Anthology 2017

Dead Souls has the magic surplus of meaning that characterises fine examples of the form – Neel Mukherjee
I was looking for terrific writing of course – something Fish attracts in spades, and I was richly rewarded right across the spectrum – Vanessa Gebbie
Really excellent – skilfully woven – Chris Stewart
Remarkable – Jo Shapcott


Fish Anthology 2016

The practitioners of the art of brevity and super-brevity whose work is in this book have mastered the skills and distilled and double-distilled their work like the finest whiskey.

Sunrise Sunset by Tina Pisco

Sunrise Sunset

€12  (incl. p&p)   Sunrise Sunset by Tina Pisco Read Irish Times review by Claire Looby Surreal, sad, zany, funny, Tina Pisco’s stories are drawn from gritty experience as much as the swirling clouds of the imagination.  An astute, empathetic, sometimes savage observer, she brings her characters to life. They dance themselves onto the pages, […]

Fish Anthology 2015

Fish Anthology 2015

How do we transform personal experience of pain into literature? How do we create and then chisel away at those images of others, of loss, of suffering, of unspeakable helplessness so that they become works of art that aim for a shared humanity? The pieces selected here seem to prompt all these questions and the best of them offer some great answers.
– Carmen Bugan.

Fish Anthology 2014

Fish Anthology 2014

What a high standard all round – of craft, imagination and originality: and what a wide range of feeling and vision.
Ruth Padel

I was struck by how funny many of the stories are, several of them joyously so – they are madcap and eccentric and great fun. Others – despite restrained and elegant prose – managed to be devastating. All of them are the work of writers with talent.
Claire Kilroy

Fish Anthology 2013

Fish Anthology 2013

The writing comes first, the bottom line comes last. And sandwiched between is an eye for the innovative, the inventive and the extraordinary.


Fish Anthology 2012

A new collection from around the globe: innovative, exciting, invigorating work from the writers and poets who will be making waves for some time to come. David Mitchell, Michael Collins, David Shields and Billy Collins selected the stories, flash fiction, memoirs and poems in this anthology.


Fish Anthology 2011

Reading the one page stories I was a little dazzled, and disappointed that I couldn’t give the prize to everybody. It’s such a tight format, every word must count, every punctuation mark. ‘The Long Wet Grass’ is a masterly bit of story telling … I still can’t get it out of my mind.
– Chris Stewart


Fish Anthology 2010

The perfectly achieved story transcends the limitations of space with profundity and insight. What I look for in fiction, of whatever length, is authenticity and intensity of feeling. I demand to be moved, to be transported, to be introduced into other lives. The stories I have selected for this anthology have managed this. – Ronan Bennett, Short Story Judge.


Fish Anthology 2009 – Ten Pint Ted

I sing those who are published here – they have done a very fine job. It is difficult to create from dust, which is what writers do. It is an honour to have read your work. – Colum McCann


Fish Anthology 2008 – Harlem River Blues

The entries into this year’s Fish Short Story Prize were universally strong. From these the judges have selected winners, we believe, of exceptional virtue. – Carlo Gebler


Fish Anthology 2007

I was amazed and delighted at the range and quality of these stories. Every one of them was interesting, well-written, beautifully crafted and, as a short-story must, every one of them focused my attention on that very curtailed tableau which a short-story necessarily sets before us. – Michael Collins


Fish Anthology 2006 – Grandmother, Girl, Wolf and Other Stories

These stories voice all that is vibrant about the form. – Gerard Donovan. Very short stories pack a poetic punch. Each of these holds its own surprise, or two. Dive into these seemingly small worlds. You’ll come up anew. – Angela Jane Fountas


All the King’s Horses – Anthology of Historical Short Stories

Each of the pieces here has been chosen for its excellence. They are a delightfully varied assortment. More than usual for an anthology, this is a compendium of all the different ways that fiction can succeed. I invite you to turn to ‘All the King’s Horses’. The past is here. Begin.
– Michel Faber


Fish Anthology 2005 – The Mountains of Mars and Other Stories

Literary anthologies, especially of new work, act as a kind of indicator to a society’s concerns. This Short Story collection, such a sharp and useful enterprise, goes beyond that. Its internationality demonstrates how our concerns are held in common across the globe. – Frank Delaney


Fish Anthology 2004 – Spoonface and Other Stories

From the daily routine of a career in ‘Spoonface’, to the powerful, recurring image of a freezer in ‘Shadow Lives’. It was the remarkable focus on the ordinary that made these Fish short stories such a pleasure to read. – Hugo Hamilton


Feathers & Cigarettes

In a world where twenty screens of bullshit seem to be revolving without respite … there is nothing that can surpass the ‘explosion of art’ and its obstinate insistence on making sense of things. These dedicated scribes, as though some secret society, heroically, humbly, are espousing a noble cause.
– Pat McCabe


Franklin’s Grace

It’s supposed to be a short form, the good story, but it has about it a largeness I love. There is something to admire in all these tales, these strange, insistent invention. They take place in a rich and satisfying mixture of places, countries of the mind and heart. – Christopher Hope


Asylum 1928

There are fine stories in this new anthology, some small and intimate, some reaching out through the personal for a wider, more universal perspective, wishing to tell a story – grand, simple, complex or everyday, wishing to engage you the reader. – Kate O’Riodan


Five O’Clock Shadow

I feel like issuing a health warning with this Fish Anthology ­ these stories may seriously damage your outlook – Here the writers view the world in their unique way, and have the imagination, talent, and the courage to refine it into that most surprising of all art forms ­ the short story. – Clem Cairns.


From the Bering Strait

Every story in this book makes its own original way in the world. knowing which are the telling moments, and showing them to us. And as the narrator of the winning story casually remarks, ‘Sometimes its the small things that amaze me’ – Molly McCloskey


Scrap Magic

The stories here possess the difference, the quirkiness and the spark. They follow their own road and their own ideas their own way. It is a valuable quality which makes this collection a varied one. Read it, I hope you say to yourself like I did on many occasions, ‘That’s deadly. How did they think of that?’ – Eamonn Sweeney


Dog Day

Really good short stories like these, don’t read like they were written. They read like they simply grew on the page. – Joseph O’Connor


The Stranger

The writers in this collection can write short stories . . . their quality is the only thing they have in common. – Roddy Doyle


The Fish Garden

This is the first volume of short stories from Ireland’s newest publishing house. We are proud that fish has enabled 15 budding new writers be published in this anthology, and I look forward to seeing many of them in print again.


12 Miles Out – a novel by Nick Wright

12 Miles Out was selected by David Mitchell as the winner of the Fish Unpublished Novel Award.
A love story, thriller and historical novel; funny and sad, uplifting and enlightening.


Altergeist – a novel by Tim Booth

You only know who you can’t trust. You can’t trust the law, because there’s none in New Ireland. You can’t trust the Church, because they think they’re the law. And you can’t trust the State, because they think they’re the Church And most of all, you can’t trust your friends, because you can’t remember who they were anymore.


Small City Blues numbers 1 to 51 – a novel by Martin Kelleher

A memoir of urban life, chronicled through its central character, Mackey. From momentary reflections to stories about his break with childhood and adolescence, the early introduction to the Big World, the discovery of romance and then love, the powerlessness of ordinary people, the weaknesses that end in disappointment and the strengths that help them seek redemption and belonging.


The Woman Who Swallowed the Book of Kells – Collection of Short Stories by Ian Wild

Ian Wild’s stories mix Monty Python with Hammer Horror, and the Beatles with Shakespeare, but his anarchic style and sense of humour remain very much his own in this collection of tall tales from another planet. Where else would you find vengeful organs, the inside story of Eleanor Rigby, mobile moustaches, and Vikings looting a Cork City branch of Abracababra?


News & Articles

Poetry Prize 2024: Results

15th May 2024
  Winners Short-list Long-list     Here are the winners of the Fish Poetry Prize 2024, selected by Billy Collins, to be published in the Fish Anthology 2024. Below you will find short biographies of the winners and the Long and Short Lists. From all of us at Fish we congratulate the poets whose poems […]

Short Story Prize 2023/24: RESULTS

10th April 2024
Winners Short-list Long-list   On behalf of all of us at Fish, congratulations to all of you who made the long and the short-lists.  Apologies for the delay in this announcement. The 10 winners will be published in the Fish Anthology 2024. The launch will be during the West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry, Ireland – […]

Flash Fiction Prize 2024: RESULTS

10th April 2024
Winners Short-list Long-list   From all of us at Fish, thank you for entering your flashes. Congratulations to the writers who  were short or long-listed, and in particular to the 11 winners whose flash stories will be published in the Fish Anthology 2024. The launch will be during the West Cork Literary Festival, Bantry, Ireland […]

Short Memoir Prize 2024: RESULTS

1st April 2024
Winners Short-list Long-list   On behalf of all of us at Fish, we congratulate the 10 winners who’s memoir made it into the Fish Anthology 2024 (due to be launched in July ’24 at the West Cork Literary Festival), and to those writers who made the long and short-lists, well done too.  Thank you to Sean […]

Launch of the Fish Anthology 2023

12th July 2023
Tuesday 11th July saw the launch of the 2023 Anthology in the Maritime Hotel, Bantry. Nineteen of the fourty authors published in the anthology were there to read from their piece, travelling from Australia, USA and from all corners of Europe.             Read about the Anthology More photos of the […]

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